Win With WU




Paying it forward – with kindness

Win with WU grand prize contest winner, Catherine, plans to share part of her $10,000 prize with her mom


Win with WU, a contest that celebrated Canada’s 150th anniversary with 150 prizes for our customers between May 1st to October 15th, 2017, had 35,000 entries – and one lucky participant, Catherine, was the grand prize winner, taking home a cheque for $10,000!

Catherine has been a loyal Western Union customer for 12 years – ever since she came to Canada, started working and sending money home every two to four weeks to family members in the Philippines.

A strong commitment to helping those who need it

Catherine’s regular support helps her aunts, uncles and cousins back home purchase household items, pay for school fees, and emergency services when they’re needed.

“In our culture, family is important, and the way I’ve been raised, you have to give if you have something,” she says. “I started giving to my family as soon as I got a job in Canada and believe kindness pays itself forward. If you try to do something in life for someone else, you will be rewarded.”

With such a focus on kindness and doing good for others, it’s no wonder, then, that Catherine plans to share her grand prize win with her mom, who helped her start her new life in Canada. And the prize is a fitting reward for someone so dedicated to helping others.

An awesome, rewarding experience

“We’ve been sending money from the same store ever since we moved here and our loyalty has paid off. [Winning the prize] was a rewarding experience and being chosen out of 35,000 entries is pretty awesome.”

Congratulations to our Win with WU grand prize winner, Catherine!


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