Western Union hosts surprise Iftar meals to help our customers celebrate Ramadan

Ramadan surprise dinner

July 14, 2015

“Thank you to Western Union for this. It’s very generous.”

“Wow, this is great!”

“I used to send every week to Pakistan with MoneyGram, but now I’m sending through WU because of today.”

These are just a few of the happy compliments we heard from Western Union customers who came to the Continental Grand Buffet restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, on Friday, July, 10, and the Al Qod Mosque, in Montreal, Quebec, on Saturday, July 11, to break their fast.

The 300+ members of Toronto’s Muslim community who attended the Mississauga event thought they were gathering with family and friends for a community Iftar (“break-fast”) meal during the month-long celebration of Ramadan, in which Muslims refrain from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset.

Everyone enjoyed the amazing traditional Ramadan meal options the Continental Grand Buffet served including Hakka, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African dishes, but everyone was even more delighted – and surprised – when they found out Western Union hosted and paid for the dinner.

The 250 people, mainly from Montreal’s Moroccan, Tunisian and Lebanese communities, who came to the Al Qod Mosque on July 11, were equally surprised and delighted to receive an Iftar meal, catered by a local Moroccan restaurant, on behalf of Western Union.

Ramadan commemorates the anniversary of the revelation of the Koran to the Prophet Mohammed. It is an annual celebration, observed after the sighting of the new moon and lasting for 29 or 30 days, until the next new moon appears. This year’s Ramadan celebration began on June 18 and runs through to July 17.

Western Union was proud to celebrate these Iftar meals with our customers in Toronto and Montreal.

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