At a Location

  • Send Money at a Location

Local Agents
You can send money in person at any one of nearly 3,300 participating Agent locations in Canada.


It’s Easy and Convenient

Sending money directly into a qualifying bank account is easy and convenient. Funds are generally deposited within minutes or one to three banking days depending on the country and bank.

4 Easy Steps to send to a bank account:

  1. Obtain the Receiver’s bank account information.
  2. Visit an agent location to send the money.
  3. Wait minutes or one to three banking days for money to be deposited into your receiver’s bank account.
  4. Confirm money has been deposited by checking Receiver’s bank account or contacting the bank.

Did you know you can send money directly to someone’s bank account or to their mobile wallet? For more information,


You can also start your transaction on the app, and complete it at a participating agent location.