March break survival tips

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March 8, 2017

Spending March break at home with the kids, whether you’re a working or stay-at-home parent, can be a scary thought. How will you entertain them for a whole week? What will your home look like by the time it’s all over? Will they have meltdowns? Will you?

March break can be as much fun for you as it is for them! No, really. Here are just a few ways you’ll be able to not only survive March break this year, but enjoy it too!

  • Plan lots of day trips – Tobogganing at a local hill or hiking at a nearby conservation area, provincial or national park not only entertains the whole family, but tires out the little ones by bedtime too. Trips to the zoo, museum or art gallery can also be great, just start early to avoid the rush of like-minded March breakers.
  • Coordinate with other families – Find four of your child’s best friends and coordinate with their families so you each take all the kids for one day during the week for a play date. That way, you only need to take one day off to host the kids (and depending on their ages, they may just entertain themselves most of the time anyway…) and the other days, you can go back to work, or have all to yourself!
  • Have the kids take care of dinner – Let older kids plan simple dinners for every day of the week and take each child shopping for the ingredients for one meal. Then let each child prepare one dinner and set the table – and have the other kids clean up. They will love the sense of accomplishment from preparing a meal for the family, and you’ll love getting a break from making (and cleaning up after) dinner every night!
  • Create an idea jar together – Have your kids write down five to ten things they’d like to do during March break – and make sure they’re things you want to do as well. Then place their scribblings in a jar that everyone in the family can pick from once each day. Think of activities like crafting, playing a board game, heading to the local park for some outdoor time, or even indulging in an ice cream snack. Kids will love seeing their ideas come to life and you’ll have fun knowing there’s a jar’s worth of ideas to go through!
  • Run, don’t walk, to your local library! – Know that, sometimes, you just have to cave. Your kids will ask for movies and video games, so on days when you’ve run out of ideas, take them to the local library to find their faves. If the library allows you to place items on hold, do it now, so you can be sure to have copies of the most popular movies and games your kids will drool over all through March break.

And, while keeping the kids busy and ourselves sane are critical for any school holiday, it’s also important to remember there will come a time when they might not need us during March break so much. So let’s try to enjoy March break and get the most out of our time with them now, as much as we can!

How do you plan to stay sane this March break? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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