Send Money to Directly to a Qualifying Bank Account in China

Direct to bank¹ money transfer service

Western Union cooperates with ChinaPay—a subsidiary of UnionPay, providing a reliable direct to bank¹ money transfer service, the money can be paid into qualifying bank accounts¹ at participating banks in China.


Send money to qualifying Chinese bank accounts at participating banks in minutes¹ during China bank processing hours


Receive CNY (RMB), the amount to be received is confirmed when sending


Send money to China via Western Union® Agent locations around the world or 24/7 through WU.COM

Send Money at a participating Agent Location

li-first Sender should fill out the ‘Direct to Bank’ form at a designated Western Union® Agent location, and provide the receiver’s mandatory information as below:
  • Receiver’s name (Pin Yin)
  • Receiver’s bank name
  • Receiver’s bank account number (UnionPay debit card number starts with “62”)
  • Receiver’s mobile number (11-digit numbers start with “1”)


li-third Sender should present the completed form to the Agent clerk along with the money the Sender wishes to send and the transfer fee*, plus the sender’s identification documentation.

After completing the money transfer, sender should inform the receiver that the remittance has been sent.

Receive Money at One of 80 Banks in China

Once the remittance has been completed, the money will be sent directly to the receiver’s qualifying Chinese bank accounts¹ at participating banks in minutes¹ during China bank processing hours.

If the receiver cannot receive the money, Western Union China call center will call the receiver within 24 hours to verify receiver’s information as below. Once the receiver’s mandatory information has been verified, the money will be sent to the receiver’s qualifying bank account¹.

  • Receiver’s name
  • Receiver’s ID type and number
  • Receiver’s bank account number


Bank of China Industrial & Commercial Bank of China China Construction Bank
China Merchants Bank Postal Savings Bank of China Bank of Communications China Everbright Bank
China Citic Bank China Guangfa Bank Bank of Beijing Bank of Changsha
Bank of Chengdu Bank of Chongqing Bank of Dalian Bank of Guangzhou
Bank of Guiyang Bank of Hangzhou Bank of Hebei Bank of Inner Mongolia
Bank of Jiangsu Bank of Nanchang Bank of Nanjing Bank of Ningbo
Bank of Ningxia Bank of Qingdao Bank of Qinghai Bank of Shanghai
Bank of Tianjin Bank of Wenzhou Bank of Xi’an Baoshang Bank
Beijing Rural Commercial Bank Bohai Bank China Minsheng Banking Co. Ltd China Zheshang Bank
Bank of Zhengzhou Evergrowing Bank Fudian Bank Fujian Haixia Bank
Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Hana Bank Hankou Bank Hua Xia Bank
Huishang Bank Industrial Bank Co. Ltd Industrial Bank of Korea Jilin Bank
Jinshang Bank Korea Exchange Bank Longjiang Bank Ping An Bank
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Bank of Fuxin Xiamen Bank Bank of Yingkou


  • ¹ Qualifying accounts must have an associated UnionPay debit card number beginning with ‘62’. Service and funds availability depends on certain factors including amount sent, currency availability, regulatory issues, consumer protection issues, identification requirements, required receiver action(s), delivery restrictions, location hours, and differences in time zones (collectively, “Restrictions”).