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Money Transfer

The money transfer service offered over the telephone offers the ability to send money using a Discover®, Visa® or MasterCard® credit card issued by a Canadian financial institution. Call 1-800-325-6000 to speak to a Customer Service representative, who will walk you through the money transfer process.

The sender completes a “To Send Money” form and pays the Agent cash to cover the transfer amount plus applicable fees. The Agent immediately processes the transaction. To pick up the money, the receiver completes a “To Receive Money” form at any Western Union Agent location and provides proper identification, or answers a test question. The agent then pays the transfer amount to the receiver.

The Western Union Money Transfer service at Agent locations offers the ability to send cash at Agent locations worldwide. Agents may also accept credit cards or debit cards.

The service is available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each Western Union Agent location determines its own hours of operation, and most maintain extended hours, or even stay open around the clock. You can use the Find an Agent tool online to find an open Agent location. The Western Union Money Transfer Service is also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year over the telephone. Simply call 1-800-235-0000 to speak with our Customer Service representatives.

Sending Money

Money is usually available for pick up within minutes of sending. However, pick up is subject to Agent location hours of operation, differences in time zones and conditions of service.

Senders may need to present identification or provide other information to meet government requirements. To send money from an Agent location you do not need a credit card, debit card, bank account, Western Union membership, or citizenship papers.

At an Agent location you can send as much money as you like. However, certain security compliance requirements must be met for amounts exceeding $1,000.00 or to comply with government requirements. If you are sending to the state of Arizona in the United States, you may only send $450 USD per transaction.

Any time after the money transfer has been sent, you can track your money transfer online at this web site. All you need is your name and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to verify if the money transfer has been paid.

No, you do not need a bank account to send or receive money.

In some parts of the world you can send money to a bank account. Please check with Customer Service or your Western Union Agent for details.

Receiving Money

Within Canada: Driver’s License, current passport or provincial health insurance card are valid identification. Outside of Canada identification requirements may be different. Check with the Agent location in the receiving country.

Customers receiving money need a valid form of identification or, in some cases, the answer to a test question provided by the sender. You will need to complete a “To Receive Money” form with the following information: your name, address, amount expected. You also need to know the sender’s name, telephone number, city and province/territory being sent from. Some restrictions and other requirements may apply.

In most cases, money transfers are paid out in cash in local currency. However, depending on the amount sent and the location, some money transfers will be paid out by cheque, or in a combination of cash and a cheque. Other restrictions may apply.

You may pick up your money transfer at any Agent location.

You can check the status at and click on TRACKING. You need the sender’s name and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to determine if the money is available for pick up.

Quick Collect

The Quick Collect service allows you to send a payment directly to a participating biller in Canada.

Billers participate at their own choice. You will need the billing company’s code city, code province and your billing account number in order to process the transaction. You must contact your billing company directly to obtain this information.

You will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on your receipt as confirmation that the payment was sent to your billing company. With the MTCN you can contact your billing company and confirm receipt of the payment.

You will need the billing company’s CODE CITY, CODE PROVINCE and your billing account number in order to process the transaction. The billing company can provide the correct CODE CITY and PROVINCE.

Transaction History

Yes. Send the request to our Correspondence Desk, in writing:

Western Union
Correspondence Desk
P.O. Box 6036
Englewood, CO 80112

Include as much information as possible, such as your full name, the receiver(s) full name, amount(s) sent, destination(s), date(s) the transfers were sent, etc.

The search takes approximately 20 business days.

Required Documents

Sending Money to the Philippines

Remittances paid out in the Philippines are subject to a Documentary Stamp Tax or DST. DST is required by the Philippine Government, under Section 181 of the National Revenue Code of 1997, to be paid by Customers for all international inbound money transfers in the Philippines.

DST is thirty centavos (P0.30) for every Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00) Principal increments or a fraction thereof, of the face value (Principal Amount Sent).

Principal amount sent P10,000.00
P200 increments P50.00
DST (50*P0.30) P15.00
Principal to be received is (P10,000.00-P15.00) P9,985.00

The Documentary Stamp Tax is directly deducted in Philippine Pesos from the amount received and displayed in the generated customer receipt upon payout.

In cases where the remittance amount is to be received entirely in US Dollars, the receiver may opt to provide the Documentary Stamp Tax due in Pesos based on the equivalent Peso amount of the payout.

An OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) beneficiary, recipient or receiver may avail of the DST exemption upon showing the original, or a duplicate copy or certified true copy of one of the following valid proofs of entitlement:

  1. Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) issued by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Authority) obtained through the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA); or
  2. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Membership Certificate issued by OWWA offices abroad; or
  3. Electronic receipt (e-receipt) issued by the POEA in the Philippines and contains the OEC (front) and OWWA Membership Certificate (back).

A proof of entitlement that is no longer valid shall not entitle an OFW to any DST exemption.

The above exemptions are provided in Revenue Regulations No. 11-2012 and Republic Act No. 8042 (otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995, as amended by Republic Act No. 10022)

In the event that the paying Agent has deducted more DST than they should have, please report the incident through any of our customer support options available to you here